Top 100 Rated Movie Network Graph

INSIGHT SEVEN - Top 100 Rated Movie Network Graph
Description & Findings

I’ve used tripartite node to represent the network relation in between movie, director and actor. These Network graph has 413 number of nodes, 402 number of edges, and average number of degree of 1.947 and it is an Undirected graph. The color coding light green represent the actor, light purple represent director and light orange represent the movie. In order to differentiate movie to actor and director, and also have better visualization, I've preset the radius of all movie at the same value of 4. So we can actually focusing in relationship between actor, director but still connected with movie in this tripartite network. This data visualization is using D3 v4 and have use force layout algorithm. The radius of the circle represent the higher degree that circle has, which mean it has more number of edges incident to it. As we can see that the cluster in the mid has most connection compared to the outer separated and small cluster. In this big cluster, I find out that the director Christopher Nolan has number of degrees of 7, the actor Morgan Free with a number of degree of 6, the actor Harrison Ford with a number of degree of 6 and so on. These mean that these people have large social circle and is a key influencers in this larger network.


  • Drag: You can drag the node to see how the connection is linked with the node.
  • Hover: You can hover on the node to reveal the information about the movie, director and actor.
  • Click: You can click on the node, then it reveal the information about either movie, actor or director on the right side. You can specifically click on the movie node, then click on the movie poster to see the movie trailer in IMDb webpage!!