Movie Genre Rating by Country

INSIGHT ONE - Movie Genres by Country

The Geographic data visualization above shows the top movie genres based on highest IMDb score either across the global or on that specific country based on user interaction. The Circle packing data visualization on the left shows all the movie genres based on that specific country user clicked or global by default. This size of the bubble shows the average IMDb score of that genre in that country. The grey color represent the missing data in IMDb dataset, but it is included here in the map as an overview of the whole world map. The reason that it has missing data is because I'm combining Mike Bostock world-map.json files with the IMDb 5000 Kaggle Dataset. So some of the country that are not listed in IMDb dataset is represented as light gray in the map. The color coding here is following the this link movie genres color as reference, which in my opinion this color really looks great in the map!

  • Zoom: You can zoom on the map to explore the country you want. This geomap may seems small at first sight but my intention is to show the whole world map side by side with the circle packing data visualization so we can know extra information . That's why the zooming features is added here for you to explore the "tiny" country. When zooming, you can click on the country to zoom into that area, and either click on the same country or white background to go back to default view.

  • How Top Genres is picked?

    The top genres is calculated by taking the average IMDb score of each genre and compared to all other genres based on that specific country. The same algorithm is used for global world. In some case that there are same IMDb score of some genres, in that case, the top genres is picked based on the higher number of voted users for that genre.

    Interesting Fact

    When I explore the data visualization based on USA, I found out that movie genres - Film-Noir has highest average IMDb score even though there are only total of 6 movie based on this genre, which is interesting. The other genre have pretty close average IMdb score in the range of 5.8 ~ 7.5 except that there are two genres Reality-TV and Game-Show have really low average IMDb score which are 2.9. Does this mean that American don't like Reality-TV or Game-Show type movie? In overall, the IMDb score really depend on users preferences on which movie genres they like and how much users are voting for their favorite movie. And also Please notice that Horror movie genre has only 5.8 in Average IMDb score, but I found some interesting fact about Horror movie genres on next Sankey data visualization.


    Top 10 Movie Genres' Flows

    Movies ($/%) Genres
    INSIGHT TWO - Top 10 Movie Genres' Flows
    Description & Findings

    The Sankey data visualization above shows the top 10 movie genres flow of all time based on gross earning, profit, or return of investment (ROI) which users can click on the middle button to filter the option. As I mention something about Horror genres on previous data visualization, please follow me to click on the button and select ROI for filtering. As you can see that movie with most ROI are in Horror genres - The Paranormal Activity with 719348.55% of ROI which is really scary!! These data also reveal a good information for investor who would like to invest in movie industry, even though the Horror movie genres has a median IMDb score, their ROI is awesome!

  • Drag: You can drag the node in vertical direction to reposition the node. Feel free to play around with it.
  • Click: You can click on the movie genres node to see the colored flows based on that genre
  • Highlight: You can also highlight the sankey flow to see the flow details.
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    Movies' Genre Analysis

    Average IMDb Score & Profit (2000-2016)

    INSIGHT THREE - Movies' Genre Analysis Average IMDb Score & Profit (2000-2016)
    Description & Findings

    The Time Series Scatterplot data visualization above reveal how the count of each movie genre' and average IMDb score change on each specific year in (2000~2016). In this data visualization, it is interesting to find out most of the genres has the average IMDb score fitting in the range of 5~8; while Drama movie genre has most of the number of movie count of all time however it drop significantly in 2016. In fact, all the movie genres number count drop significantly in 2016, so what happen in 2016? I'm doubt that it's the dataset range causes this limitation. The Two Sided Bar Chart data visualiztion on the right shows the average profit on each genre based on specific year. It is interesting to find out the Animation Movie Genres is the best average profitable movie ($93.8M) in 2016, while the The Western Movie Genres type has a bad year of 2016 with negative ($-23.5M) average profit movie. Besides that, I've observed that history type of movie genre has always making negative profit in the period of 2000 ~ 2011, however, the history movie become significantly profitable in the next year (2012) and these trend goes with following year until 2016, which it begin to loss profit again. The history genres movies has it most average profit at peaks compared to other genres in 2014, this can be explained that in 2014, there's an Oscar winning movie - The American Sniper has been released. Which in my opinion, it does drive the average profit of the movie in history genres because this is a really good movie.

  • Play Button: You can click on the play button to see how the movie genres' number of count, average IMDb score and average profit on each specific year.
  • Slider: You can use the slider to filter the data on specific year and explore some interesting fact.